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If you’re here, maybe it’s because you have realized that you want your life back and that you deserve days with less stress. That your business is in need of proper direction and or fine tuning in the digital world. Your brand awareness and digital marketing are two important keys to success in today’s age.
You’ve come to the right place because here at the 526 Digital Group we strive to not just take the stress away that the digital world can but to also reach many end goals.

  • Stronger brand awareness
  • New and continually growing audience
  • Create your digital presence
  • Grow your website traffic
  • Optimize your SEO
  • Successful digital advertising (search engine ads, social media ads etc.)
  • Creating media to drive success
  • Higher ROI & so much more.

You could hire someone

Could you possibly hire someone in house to take over some or many sides of your business brand and digital presence? To run your social media, to handle online ads, to create new clients and more? You could. You can start the search, interview candidates, hopefully find someone who is the right fit (gosh, we hope it’s the right one because if not, then you have to start over), put them on payroll, constantly have to monitor their moves and micro manage them, the list goes on.

Therefor, by inviting us in, together we will work to create a road map to your company’s digital success and growth in business. Watching as we take the steps to grow your business in the desired directions allowing you the freedom to do what you do best. Run your company.

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Digital Branding And Marketing Options

While we do offer the creation of digital media with video, photos and audio, today we are highlighting the side of marketing that comes from the building and publishing of platforms.

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Your digital presence is vital to your success in today’s world. And without the proper base to build off, having all the followers, likes and comments won’t convert to profits. That’s where the importance of your website comes into play. And we will not just build a site but we will build a site with success as the end goal. Be that selling product, creating leads or having new clients / customers visiting your location/s.

Your clients needs as well as yours are the key to the proper creation for your company’s website. And with more and more of the world searching, learning and purchasing direct from their mobile device. Your website needs to now be even more mobile friendly so that all those new followers can become clients and customers right from the palm of their hands. Click here to connect with us to discover the possibilities.

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Social Management:

Without question, social media is a lifeline to the success of your business. Almost everyone, from the 4th grader down the street, to your grandmother is on one social media platform or the other. From instagram to twitter, facebook to linked in. And with the right contact, engagement and call to action buttons, those social platforms can help your business thrive. Even more so with the website to turn those followers into business.

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What social media means to us:

  • Content creation
  • User Engagement
  • Analytics and tracking of growth and conversions
  • Call to actions
  • Branding
  • Brand Awareness
  • Advertising opportunities
  • Client building and relations

We have social media platforms that start at the basics of just running engagement right thru posting 6-8 times + per week. Just inquire here to learn more.

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SEO (search engine optimization):

Search engine optimization is a constant, and while it’s a constant, it’s also constantly changing. And with the new shift in algorithms, SEO is about to become even more important with more and more people using their home assistants to do the searching for them. If the website site isn’t optimized properly, you will soon begin to lose what rankings you once had.

Organic reach is one big piece of the puzzle. And we aim target organic traffic by making sure your site is optimized. Creating not just the proper keywords but to get those keywords ranking higher. Using your google business listing to properly align all aspects of your websites presence. And making sure your websites content is built properly to rank each individual page and post.

We create the best SEO around your site using your business as the main goal and your competitors to build an aggressive direction. Our team’s goal is to rank you high in SEO and more importantly, getting you to rank higher than your competitors. While all of this does take time, every business should strive to have the best SEO possible. Click here to reach out and learn more.

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The content on your site is such an integral part of your SEO, and maybe your site is running great but you just don’t have time to continually build and create your blog posts. We are here to help with the copyright and content of your blog posts. Creating each post around ranking properly so that google sees and indexes each page and the keywords relative to that page.

If you want to discuss content creation, reach out here and we can discuss all the possibilities.

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Landing Page Client Capture:

While you may have the perfect site, one way to create and drive even more traffic to that site is with landing pages. Pages designed around one goal, new clients finding your business and being lead to your full site. The proper landing page, built with keywords and rich content can do just that. And not only does a landing page have the ability to create new leads / clients. It also adds one more place that your website has a backlink to. Meaning your website has more ranking power. If you want to learn more about what landing pages can do for you, just click here.

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Digital Advertising:

Once all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together, the next big step would be advertising. You have your social media building brand awareness. Your new website is ranking higher and higher with SEO and now, now it’s time to take charge and create a digital advertising direction with ONE GOAL in mind. ROI! It’s time to bring in more clients, more revenue and more sales.

From PPC (pay per click) to social media ads, even just the boosting of posts, you can create even more profits and new clients. However, if you’ve ever tried to run ads on any of those platforms, you’ve learned that not only is it time consuming but it takes patience to find the ad structure that works for you. Hiring the 526 Group to create, list and manage your digital advertising takes the weight off your shoulders and allows you to manage all of your new sales and clients. Meanwhile we are here behind the scenes making sure that traffic continues to grow. To learn more about digital advertising opportunities, click here.

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