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Our goal is simple. To help you navigate and thrive in the digital world where you choose your

brand and even your futures by a simple double tap or swipe to the right. Working with who you are as a business or individual to

create a strategy that will work in today's marketplace to further you and your brand.


Working to have your brand awareness rise thru the competitive marketplace with the proper creative solutions to your growth

Media Marketing


The in-house media creation that we offer means we never rely on an outside service to create or design. From photos to video, 526 Consultants is the full platform to success.

Social Strategies


Working along side of you and your team to create a roadmap to your company's success in an ever evolving world.

526 website branding rebuild

The Team

Bringing different skillsets to the table. Across all platforms, the goal being your success, be it business or personal, and working together to construct the roadmap to everyone's success.



Tim career began with building, implementing and branding the online presence / advertising for large auto groups. From there, thru life changes, photography took the lead roll and business thrived. Only thing he was never able to fully let go of, the marketing world.

526 Digital Media Marketing


Strategy & Experience Design

An overall design thinker, implementing your best foot forward for success. Rich share's Tim's vision for success in helping individuals find themselves, building the right brand and getting their message out to the world.


Junior Developer

While he may be the youngest in the crew, Morgan brings his experience as a full stack developer to the forefront. WIth the knowledge of every piece of the tech world, web creation, app development, network design and more, he brings a talent that many agencies don't have on staff.

526 consultants employee


Video production - story board creation

As lead photographers for Hartford Hospital, Chris comes from more of a corporate creation standpoint. With a business format for headshots - and video production. His skillset is balanced well with the artistic side of production that Tim brings to the table.

526 consulting fix your brand

directions of 526

For your business, your student athlete and your personal growth and brand.

Business Marketing 526 Digital

A healthier way to do business.


The view of the 526 Group is simple - experience, relationships and understanding all focus on improving your branding and clients relations, outcomes and profitability. Helping all businesses and the business owners receive market-leading outcomes.


Offering all aspects of the business. From social media & interactive to the creative elements. Implementing marketing and advertising skills partnered with the technical development to bring your success to the forefront.


Everything from brand development and content management to website creation and fan acquisition. Here at the 526 Group we will be part of your team thru all business aspects. To learn more click here



Athlete Branding 526 digital

- your student athlete -


Your student athlete is up against some of the most established in the sport. And even the most talented and well educated can get lost in the static of so many athletes in todays day and age all trying to land the same scholarships. With parents investing an incredible amount of time and finances into their child's future, what will set your student athlete apart?


That's where the 526 Group can come in, assisting in the creation, processes and implementation to brand your student athlete and their successes. With our one time consultation, media creation and road map, the possibility of your athlete's financial gains moving into college as well as sponsorships can grow exponentially, Helping your child shine brighter than those which he/she may be competing against.

personal branding rebranding 526 digital

- your personal growth and brand -


In today's day and age, your personal brand means everything. From your next promotion to career advancement.


Branding yourself in the proper light can mean a higher salary, more opportunities in life and an overall presence in the digital world to help you stand out among the static.


With our one time meeting (additional check-ups are always possible) we will help you navigate and set up your digital presence. Including media creation with photos - video and more.


You deserve to have your brand be strong!

Insights, tips & direction

From tips, how we do what we do, why we do what we do and insights as to what you can do on your own.

- marketing - strategy - media - social platform development - individual branding - imaging - online crisis management -

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Together we can work to create the strategy your business deserves in order to surpass it's target. Reach out and together we can begin to discover, create and implement the steps to your company's success.

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